Must-read sources of insight and opinion on games analytics and analysis

I know!  My public productivity has taken a deep dive since I started my analyst gig at Splash Damage last February.    I’ve still been writing about stuff that catches my eye, but I’ve been doing it for internal consumption.   However, it being New Years Resolution time and all,  it’s time to say “hello world” again:

Hello world!

And as a not-too-demanding (but hopefully still interesting) first assignment of 2015,  I thought I’d share my favourite sources of insight and opinion on games analysis and analytics.   I’ll update this from time to time as I remember more unmissables I should have included.     But as a starter for ten, here are my top three must-reads:

  •   – started by Michail Katkoff, ex-Rovio, recently joined by Joe Traverso, ex-Zynga, focussed on mobile and social, great tear-downs
  •  – curated and with original content from Eric Seufert, Head of Marketing at Wooga,  emphasis on game market analysis and marketing quant
  • – blog of Anders Drachen, game data mining and user experience researcher and consultant, variety of original findings and recommended sources from the exploratory data analysis facet of games behaviour research

What should I add to this list?  Please do add your own favourite sources in the comments.   Because it can be a weird old world out there, I moderate first-time commentators – so if you don’t see your comment  appear right away rest assured that I will read it soon as I can.