The #nuclai16 analytics track needs YOU!

I’m delighted to be chairing the analytics and data science track at #nuclai16 this summer –  and to make it work I need your help.

Tell me what you’d like to hear about.  

Tell me what you’d like to talk about.  

Last year we had a super lineup that featured work from (on skill vs luck in casual game levels),  Lionhead (on modelling complex skill performance in Fable Legends),  Jagex (on recsys in Runescape),  Mind Candy (on algorithms for streaming analytics),  Nordeus (on churn prediction and successful interventions for prevention), and a keynote from Scientific Revenue (on dynamic pricing).    Very thought provoking, inspirational, and actionable.

We’re hoping to at least match this level of awesomeness in this year’s track.    And we can do it if you help.  So:

Tell me what you’d like to hear about.  

Tell me what you’d like to talk about.  

The theme I’m working with is about analytics in support of design intervention.   But I’m open to persuasion.  Even though I can’t sing like Joan Armatrading.

Beermat/back of an envelope deadlines are as follows:

  • expressions of interest in proposing or submitting a talk –  NOW
  • proper talk proposals –  MARCH 15
  • decisions – beginning of April
  • (and there will be more stuff later)

Get in touch via this blog, or @hastark twitter, or LinkedIn, or G+, or Facebook.  Or carrier pigeon.

Vienna’s a wonderful city, we’ve got a nice venue at the University, and the conference is friendly.


Looking forward to speaking about discovery-driven design at Strata next week…..

Strata in London 2012

But I’m having a tough time working out the rest of my conference schedule! Triple booked myself at least twice.

Talking at Strata London Oct 1st on discovery-driven design in social apps

Hands up if you spot a theme in my recent posts.   (Hint:  they’re all about the fact I’m giving a talk)   Think I need to add a new category.  And take hold of my document model and its views, so this stuff is accessible but not mixed up with my think pieces.  Some day, over the rainbow.  If the rain ever stops.

Anyhow, idle threats aside, I’m talking about discovery-driven design in social apps in at Strata EU.

If there’s stuff you think is interesting – send it my way.  I always attribute, name-check, etc.