Location-based games: where are we now and where are we going?

Lucky me, I’m speaking about opportunities in location-based games @developconf coming up rather, er,  rapidly in early July.  Since I like my content to be fresh I haven’t worked out exactly what I’m going to say.    But I like figuring stuff out so bring on the fun.

I’m interested in learning as much as I can reasonably expect to about (a) nifty examples (b) pain points for building (c) evolution of enabling techology & services (d) the changing shape of the design space (e) stuff that hasn’t worked (f) commercial models.

Here are some things people tell me I should look at:

  • Ingress
  • Zombies Run, Zombies Run 2
  • Scramboo’s games
  • Geosophic
  • http://geoguessr.com/
  • Spywars – (currently on Kickstarter)
  • Gowalla – acq-hired by FB, and shut down
  • survivalthegame.com
  • your idea here…

Newsflash – more great suggestions May 18th from my fellow un-conferencers at Gamecamp.   Deserves a separate post and gets it here.

I’m onto it!  And Google’s shiny GoogleI/O conference keynotes gave me some extra things to think about too.

If you know stuff I should know about – tell me.  Your name in lights for my DevelopConf credits roll.  And here:

Thanks, in alphabetical order,  AJ Glaser,  Anthony Applebee,  Byron Atkinson,  David Nattriss,  Daniel Doherty,  James Turner, Owen Blacker,  Pablo Valcarel ,  Scramboo,   Tanausú Cerdeña, Todd Chaffee,  YOU – YOUR NAME HERE.

Happy to chat.  Happy to share what I’ve learned.   Drop me a comment or msg me @HAStark on twitter or LI or FB.

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