Evolve London Games Conference – reader discount

I’m looking forward to the Evolve games conference in London December 1st.   Very interesting lineup – a fact-driven drilldown on funding trends,  freemium success stories for Android, Blackberry and Java, and insights from the Platform Manager for Games at Facebook.   For starters.  Check out the full programme here.

Use the code ELELTE when booking – this gives you 20% off!

I am an Ambassador for the conference: my remit is to make noise (any noise I want to), and in return, I am being given a complimentary ticket.  This is a win for me.  I am very keen on the programme, I like saving money, and I like making noise.

My own personal  top picks are:

  • Synchronous and Social: Why Games That Connect People in Real-time are the Real Future of Social Games, Hussein Chahine Founder and CEO, Yazino
  • What The X Factor Can Teach Games,  Mark Sorrell, Head of Games, Screenpop

More later on WHY they’re my top picks.

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