Facebook F8 2011: the TimeLine land grab

One facet of Facebook’s  news from F8 tonight is a big bodacious land grab.

We’ve all got our histories. Yours. Mine. Facebook’s. I can just hear someone saying: ‘awesomely un-rockstar Facebook can’t colonise the past’. And then some other voice saying: ‘awesomely wrong, dude! we can!”.

The TimeLine is pretty.  The TimeLine is a huge improvement over what Facebook had before. Well done to the designers.

But it seems a strange reversion to an old-fashioned publishing model.  (Except, perhaps, for the economics.)

Why?  For me, personally, Facebook is about communication.  For me communication is fundamentally two way.   At least.    So this new emphasis on unilateral self-display is a turn towards the past in more ways than one.  But no one is guarding the door, and anyone may enter.

“The past is a foreign country….” has already been used as the opening of a novel (by L.P. Hartley).  The foreign country is one that is about to be occupied.

I’m not sure that I will invest my personal resources there.  But where gold is deposited miners will follow.

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