Facebook F8 2011: major media consumption move

Ok, I’ve whinged a bit about some aspects of F8 2011 being a return to the past.    Not that that’s a bad thing.  Just a bit unexpected.

But there’s a big slam dunk, too.  Facebook’s bid to become the arbiter of taste and faciliting platform for media consumption  is  likely to succeed massively – at least for music.   Which is emotional and social, or at least potentially so.   Huge possibilities here, particularly in co-presence and shared experience.

Mind you, those founder and CEO chaps they had up from NetFlix and Spotify didn’t look too happy about things.   Really they didn’t.  Not sure who they’ve invited to dinner,  and exactly what’s on the menu, I reckon.   Not to mention whose family silver the dinner is being eaten off of. But if they get it right the pie will grow, and everyone will have some.

I’m less sure about the NewsCorp comment that in future the way you will discover news is through your friends.   Before you can say “filter bubble”  five times, I’ll be outside getting a chill wind in my hair.


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