Measurement and analytics for social apps (and elephants)

State fruit - Tomato

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Had a blast at last week’s London Facebook Developer Garage, which I  helped to organise.  Listened to lots of thought-provoking speakers,  including case studies from European social game studios Sharkius, and Weka Entertainment.   Kontagent presented from Seattle, via Skype –  and the connection didn’t flake out once.

I gave a talk, too, test-piloting a framework I’ve been thinking about for understanding measurement and analytics for social applications.   Invited the audience to throw tomatoes at me but fortunately none of them had come prepared.

Loads of fun (oooh, how I love giving talks!!), with only one big WTF moment –  my .ppt slides, so lovingly prepared in Office 2002, went all shy and invisible when viewed in a modern version on the Official Laptop Which Ran All Presentations.    (Perhaps the audience were too busy wondering what I was on about to throw projectiles…!)

Anyhow, here’s the good news.    The slides from my talk, Measurement and Analytics for Social Apps – Understanding your Elephant are now up on slideshare.

Fun fact: Slideshare is better at converting .ppt than Microsoft is,  so even if you are keeping up with the upgrade treadmill, you should be able to see them.

Enjoy.   Best viewed with feta, red onion, and olive oil.


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